Red Dead Online Players Say New Naturalist Update Made Their Horses Dumb

A recent Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update added the Naturalist specialty–an animal-focused role that gives players more ways to interact with the game’s wildlife. However, some players are claiming that since the new update was added, their own horses have been behaving a little… strangely.

As reported by Kotaku, the changes have been noticed by a number of Reddit users. “Is it just me or are horses even dumber than usual since the update?” one Reddit thread asked, while another chronicled their horse simply disappearing from underneath them.

Some of the complaints involve obvious bugs like the latter, with horses disappearing, ignoring calls, and straight-up flying through the air. Others are less perceptible, however, with players taking to Reddit to check if their horse was really acting dumber than usual, or if they were just unlucky.

These players have reported their horses bolting at the slightest provocation, tripping and throwing riders on minor obstacles, and generally being difficult to control–even on horses they’ve had for a long time, and achieved full bonds with.

Other players have reported problems with wagons, as well as horse cores draining faster than usual.

Though the apparently bugged update has been live for over a week, the issue hasn’t been acknowledged by Rockstar’s Support account. Players may yet be stuck with dumb horses until the next update arrives.

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