Rocket Arena Buyer's Guide: Pricing and Mythic Edition Info (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

EA showed off its new multiplayer shooter, Rocket Arena, in last month’s EA Play presentation; now, you can dive in for yourself. Rocket Arena released earlier this week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, featuring a cartoonish art style and 3v3 competitive matches where you play as distinct heroes, similar to Overwatch. However, it’s also akin to Super Smash Bros. in that your goal is to knock your opponent hard enough that they fly off the side of the battlefield. And, of course, there’s rockets. Lots of them.

Rocket Arena features 10 playable characters, 100 levels of progression, 10 maps, and hundreds of cosmetics at launch, with more content coming to the live game soon. The game also includes 4 PVP modes along with one cooperative mode, and there’s an in-game currency (“Rocket Fuel”) you’ll use to buy season passes, which are called a Blast Pass. Notably, Rocket Arena has launched with full cross-play support across all platforms. Season 1 will officially kick off on July 28, adding a new hero, limited-time events, a ranked season, and more.

Is Rocket Arena free?

Rocket Arena isn’t a free-to-play shooter like Apex Legends or Fortnite. Instead, there’s a base game you’ll have to purchase, with a slightly pricier edition that gets you digital bonuses. If you’re curious to check out Rocket Arena, we’ve rounded up the purchase options and pricing for it below.

Rocket Arena Mythic edition | $40

A physical Mythic edition is available for $40 (you can buy it digitally too). Similar to physical editions for games like Overwatch or Apex Legends, the Rocket Arena Mythic edition gets you digital bonuses, including cosmetics and in-game currency. Here’s everything it includes:

  • Guardian Phoenix Jayto Mythic outfit
  • Frost Princess Kayi outfit
  • Cyber Sailor Blastbeard outfit
  • Stone Temple Izell outfit
  • Pulsar Megablast trail
  • Fragment Return trail
  • 1,000 Rocket Fuel (which you can use to buy a Blast Pass or customizations)

Rocket Arena standard edition | $30

Just want the base game? It’s only available as a digital download, and it’ll cost you $30.

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