Rocket League Has Been Played By 75 Million People, And Other Amazing Stats Revealed

Rocket League is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary with an in-game event, as the game was released on July 7, 2015. Developer Psyonix has plenty of reason to celebrate, as they’ve also announced some astonishing figures showing just how many people have played the game.

An infograph released to the game’s site has revealed that since launch, 75 million different people have played the game. That’s a huge figure, higher than the total sales figures of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The game has racked this number up not just through people buying the game, but also across free-to-play weekends, Xbox Game Pass, and its initial launch on PlayStation Plus. It also likely covers people who have played local multiplayer, although those figures would be harder to track if guest accounts are used.

The infograph, below, also explains that 5 billion matches have been played, and a total of 29 billion goals scored–that’s an average of nearly six goals per match. It contains a breakdown of significant dates for the game, plus some information about player habits and the most downloaded community training packs.

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