Shadow Warrior 3 Shows Off Wild Monsters, Acrobatics, And More In 17-Minute Gameplay Video

Shadow Warrior 3 was just announced earlier this month, and now we’ve got a look at the game’s full first mission. The video below shows off the Way to Motoko level, where series hero Lo Wang will need to kill a whole bunch of weird, wonderful monsters–and where he gets his hands on the grappling hook you’ll be using throughout the game.

The video spends a lot of its runtime focusing on the game’s environments, which will crumble and collapse as you run through them. The destructible environments are shown off when Wang drops a bell on a group of enemies, causing the ground to cave in beneath them.

Some plot details are revealed in the video too, which shows Lo Wang and an older associate preparing to take on a dragon. The video contains several jokes and comedy moments, although mileage may vary on how amusing you find them.

Easily the most exciting parts of the video are the fights, though. The game’s combat is highlighted, showing how frantic it is when enemies are swarming you, and some of the designs are wild–especially the weird accordion-shaped enemy that shoots fireworks at Wang midway through.

If this first mission is an indication, there should be some real variety in the enemies you fight. It also shows that you can grab weapons out of some enemies and use them to attack others–including a freeze-all bomb and the firework launcher the accordian attacks Wang with.

Shadow Warrior 3 will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One next year. It’s developed by Flying Wild Hog, the same developer as the previous two Shadow Warrior games.

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