Star Citizen Creator Says The Gameplay Is "Not A Pipe Dream"

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts’ new game, Star Citizen, was announced back in 2012, and–though parts of the game have been released–fans are still waiting for the final product. Roberts has now written an in-depth forum post that seeks to address concerns about the game’s development status and why the project is taking so long.

“This is the game I’ve dreamed of my whole life. Now I am in a position to realize it, I am not willing to compromise it’s potential because it is taking longer than I originally envisioned,” Roberts said. “What I will commit to, and what is an internal priority is to improve the current gameplay and quality of life as we go, as Star Citizen is already fun in many ways, even if more buggy and not as stable as I would like, and just finishing off and polishing the basics will make it play as well or better than most other games.”

Roberts went on to say that the gameplay elements for Star Citizen is “not a pipe dream,” and he doesn’t expect it to take 10-20 years to deliver. “I described systems we either have working, or are working on; we’ve even shown early versions of some of this like fire on Inside Star Citizen. I can’t promise you exactly what quarter it will come together but once the new Road Map web work is done you’ll be able to see the teams progress to achieving what I describe in real time,” he said.

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