Surgeon Simulator 2 Turns The ER Into A Funhouse In August

Surgeon Simulator 2 is getting even weirder with new co-op gameplay and a suite of options for custom levels. It’s also not far from launch either, with Bossa Studios announcing an August 27 release date for their trauma center sequel.

Surgeon Simulator 2 expands on the original game’s scope by opening the operating room doors and letting you interact with other wings of the hospital. New challenges will require you to ferry objects between rooms, now with the help of up to three friends in increasingly complex operations. It has retained its wacky humor and charm too, spreading to the entirety of the ER.

The game’s latest trailer doesn’t focus on campaign content, but rather user-created modes that you’ll be able to play alongside it. Surgeon Simulator 2 will include the same level-design tools that Bossa uses internally, letting you create and share new challenges for like-minded surgeons to undertake. The suite looks extensive in the footage above, letting you craft experiences well beyond the premise of Surgeon Simulator.

Surgeon Simulator 2 will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store on August 27 for $25. Pre-orders will earn you access to the pre-launch beta, which takes place between August 7-9.

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