The Sims Reality TV Show Premieres Tonight, Offers Prize of $100,000

Fans of The Sims can spend hours building their own storylines and perfecting their dream houses, but they’ve never been able to compete with each other on live television. That’s about to change, thanks to The Sims Spark’d, a reality competition show that stars fans and enthusiasts from The Sims community, all competing for a $100,000 prize.

Based on the trailer, the 12 contestants will be issued timed challenges to create in the world of the game. Their output will then be weighed by a panel of judges, including Maxis game developer Dave Miotke, YouTube personality Kelsey Impicciche, and singer-songwriter Tayla Parx. The competition will run for the next four weeks on TBS and Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

In addition to watching the show, fans can play along by participating in the Spark’d Challenge Program. Those who excel at the listed challenges may even be considered for future seasons of the Spark’d show. The first challenge, Destination Wedding, starts today, and you can check out the details at the game’s website.

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