Twin Mirror, Life Is Strange Dev's Mindbending New Thriller, Gets Release Date

The French studio Dontnod Entertainment has managed an impressive run of highly regarded narrative games, from the smash hit Life Is Strange to the offbeat vampire adventure Vampyr. The studio’s latest project, Twin Mirror, is a genre-defying detective thriller that focuses on questions of identity, the past, and guilt, and it comes out December 1.

Twin Mirror stars an investigative journalist named Sam who returns to his rural hometown of Basswood, West Virginia due to the death of a close friend. Players navigate through both the real world and Sam’s “mind palace” to gather clues, develop theories, and make decisions about the direction of their investigation.

The game seems highly reminiscent of the landmark cinematic detective game Heavy Rain. The developer has stated that the game lacks any supernatural elements, and will be the studio’s first self-published game. Twin Mirror was previously announced as an episodic game, but that is no longer the case. Dontnod’s latest release was Tell Me Why, a narrative adventure that stars a transgender man living in a community of indigenous people.

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