Xbox Series X Launch Game The Medium Was Originally Planned For Two Console Gens Ago

The Medium is an Xbox Series X exclusive horror game, where you play across two different realities at once. The game, from Layer of Fear developer Bloober Team, is one of a few games announced for Series X that is not coming to Xbox One–but it nearly made it to an earlier Xbox console.

As Nintendo Life recalls, back in 2012 many game sites reported getting a mysterious phone call, which played a pre-recorded message: “Do you know about Medium? If not, you will.”

It was discovered, at the time, that Bloober Team had registered a domain for the game, and that they intended to release it on modern systems at the time–PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS Vita, and mobile.

It’s hard not to wonder what the Wii U version would have looked like, as the system’s two screens would have lent themselves to the game’s concept. At the same time, if the game was being designed with the Vita and mobile in mind, it must have been very different in scope.

Bloober Team has previously said that the game is skipping Xbox One because developing it for a current system would have meant making compromises. This leads some credence to this idea–evidently, the game wouldn’t work on earlier generation consoles.

The Medium is now available to preorder.

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