Dreams Is Getting Its Free PSVR Update Very Soon

Dreams, the PlayStation 4 exclusive game-and-art creation tool from Media Molecule, will receive a huge update soon that will make the game compatible with PlayStation VR. The update, which will arrive for free on July 22, will add new tools allowing users to create VR experiences.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the update will include new tutorials and kits for VR creation, helping to familiarize you with the controls involved in VR crafting. You’ll be able to both create and play in VR, and the developer has tested these options extensively with users.

The trailer below shows off some of the types of experiences you’ll be able to craft and play.


Sculpting in VR will be “a very one-to-one experience” if you are using PlayStation Move controllers, the developer promises. You’ll also be able to create games that can be played in VR even if you don’t own the headset yourself, as new gadgets will be added to Create Mode. Creators will be able to tag if their game is playable in VR or not.

Media Molecule is also adding numerous new accessibility features to help craft enjoyable experiences that can be played widely, as well as the ability to “comfort rate” games, to show whether or not they actually work well in VR.

Media Molecule is also developing new Dreams experiences for VR to show off what is possible, including a shooter called Box Blaster.

The Dreams roadmap shows off what the team is working on right now, and is worth following if you’re interested in the future of Dreams. This July 22 update is looking to be the most substantial change to the game since launch.

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