Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Armor Guide: When Does Jin Get The Armor He Wears On The Cover?

If there’s anything that folks who have been following Ghost of Tsushima since its 2017 reveal have been looking forward to, it’s running around 13th century Japan dressed like a proto-ninja and striking fear in the hearts of the Mongol army. Protagonist Jin, in his striking black custom samurai armor, has been a big part of Ghost of Tsushima’s marketing, clearly made to illustrate the masked vigilante he’s willing to become to defeat the threat invading his home. As such, it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to outfit yourself with this rad looking armor set–known in-game as the Ghost Armor–as soon as possible.

But if you’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima, it may come as a bit of shock realizing that the Ghost Armor isn’t unlocked early on. So you might be wondering: “When does Jin obtain the Ghost Armor?”

To answer this question, you get Ghost Armor the moment you start the From the Darkness story mission at the end of Act 2. We won’t spoil the circumstances that warrant receiving the set but know that you have to make it over halfway through the story to get the Ghost Armor. For guidance on how to get to this point in the story, be sure to check out our Ghost of Tsushima Act 2 walkthrough. Lastly, it’s worth noting that when you first get the Ghost Armor, it doesn’t look the way it does on the cover and promotional art until you craft its second upgrade.

All this may seem like a bummer, but there are plenty of other fantastic armor sets to get by the end of Act 2, many of which are just as useful as they are aesthetically pleasing. If you’re curious about every armor set, be sure to check out our Ghost of Tsushima armor guide.

When it comes to the benefits of the Ghost Armor, it should come as no surprise that it rewards stealthy players. When equipped, it reduces enemy detection speed, the number of kills needed to enter the all-powerful Ghost Stance, and even increases the chances of terrifying a nearby enemy after killing some of their friends.

If you’re curious about what the Ghost Armor set looks like and upon subsequent upgrades, take a look at the image gallery. And if you need help finding the materials needed to upgrade the Ghost Armor once you get it, be sure to read our crafting resource guide–which details where to get the materials needed to improve your armor.

We’ve got plenty of guides and coverage to help you get everything out of the game. Check out our full Ghost of Tsushima guide rundown, and if you haven’t already, read our Ghost of Tsushima review.

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