Ghost Of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations Guide

The world of Ghost of Tsushima is one in which you’ll often show reverence for nature. Making your way to Inari and Shinto shrines scattered across the island is a way to unlock new Charms that can make you more effective in the game, while also often treating you to environmental puzzles and beautiful vistas that can provide an appreciation of Ghost of Tsushima’s lush world. In addition to the marked shrines throughout Tsushima, you can also find hidden altars that trigger visual flourishes. Find enough of them, and you can unlock a hidden trophy.

To get the Honor the Unseen hidden Trophy, you need to find and bow to 10 hidden altars throughout the island. You’ll find them in various, often unassuming places, usually marked by wooden signs that show the silhouette of someone bowing. Watch for the signs as you climb Shinto Shrines, complete quests, and liberate outposts. While there are more than 10 altars, here’s a list of where you can find 10 to unlock the Trophy.

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  • Izuhara
    • Golden Temple – Buddha Statue
    • Kechi Fishing Village – River Dock
    • Tadayori’s Rest
    • Yoichi’s Crossroads – Cemetery
    • Traveler’s Rest Inn – River Dock
    • Kaneda Inlet – Pillar of Honor
  • Toyotama
    • Old Kanazawa Marsh – Pillar Of Honor
    • Cloud Ridge Shrine
    • Omi Monastery
    • Omi Village – Lord Sakai’s Grave
    • Izuhara

      Golden Temple – Buddha Statue

      You’ll go to Golden Temple in Ariake as part of the main story in Act 1. While you’re there, head up the stairs on the west side of the village to find a large Buddha statue. It’s not marked with a sign, but the statue counts as a hidden altar.

      Kechi Fishing Village – River Dock

      Kechi is an occupied farmstead you’ll find west of Hiyoshi Springs on the river. The hidden altar is on the dock over the river, but activating it is a lot easier after you’ve liberated the village from the Mongols.

      Tadayori’s Rest

      As you head down to Azamo Bay as part of the Act 1 story, you’ll also unlock the Mythic Tale The Legend of Tadayori. Complete the quest (use our Mythic Tale guide for help) to find Tadayori’s Rest, a grave marked by purple flowers in Houren’s Pasture. In the center of the area is a shrine that counts as a hidden altar.

      Yoichi’s Crossroads – Cemetery

      This is another Mongol outpost, located southwest of Hiyoshi Springs location in the Hiyoshi region. The Mongol camp is right next to a small cemetery. Climb the steps to the highest point of the cemetery, where you’ll find a group of statues marked as a hidden altar.

      Traveler’s Rest Inn – River Dock

      Another outpost west of Hiyoshi Springs, Traveler’s Rest Inn is just south of Kechi Fishing Village. It also has a hidden altar spot on the river.

      Kaneda Inlet – Pillar of Honor

      This Pillar of Honor is at the very north of Izuhara, in the Hiyoshi region, just west of Castle Kaneda. Head to the coast in Kaneda Inlet to find a Pillar of Honor there. It also bears a sign marking it as a hidden altar.


      Old Kanazawa Marsh – Pillar Of Honor

      You’ll find a Pillar of Honor between Umugi and Akashima in Toyotama. Head southwest of the Old Kanazawa Marsh location on the map to find the Pillar in the middle of a field, with the hidden altar sign standing beside it.

      Cloud Ridge Shrine

      There’s a Shinto Shrine on the coast of Kushi, north of Yarikawa Stronghold, where you’ll find not one, but two hidden altars right next to each other. Find the shrine and start climbing up until you squeeze between two rocks and come across a statue depicting a frog. Bow to that one, then turn right and on your way out, you’ll find another frog statue that’s also an altar.

      Omi Monastery

      Head to Otsuna to find Omi Monastery south of Omi Village. It’s a big place, but up the hill from the monastery is a small cemetery. Bow to the large grave there to kick off a musical interlude.

      Omi Village – Lord Sakai’s Grave

      You’ll venture to Omi Village as part of the Act 2 story tale, Ghosts of the Past. Just north of Omi Village is the Sakai cemetery, where you’ll find the grave of Jin’s father. You’ll create a haiku at the grave, but it also functions as an unmarked hidden altar.

      Warning! This last entry is a story spoiler for the end of Act 2’s story. Don’t mouse over it until you’ve completed every story mission before The Fate of Tsushima Tale.

      Taka’s Grave

      Before you complete the final mission in Act 2, the story will take you to the cliffs outside Yarikawa Stronghold, paying your respects at your friend’s grave. Bow here to trigger an unmarked hidden altar, as well.

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