The Last Of Us 2 Almost Had A "Previously On" Opening

Now that The Last of Us Part 2 has been out for a month on PlayStation 4, developer Naughty Dog is talking more about its creation. In a spoiler-filled chat with actor Troy Baker, director Neil Druckmann revealed that TLOU2 could’ve had a different opening.

In fact, TLOU2 almost had a “previously on” scene that would’ve recapped the events of The Last of Us since it’s been seven years since its release. This scene, which would have been placed at the front of The Last of Us 2, would operate similarly to something like Breaking Bad’s “previously on” sequence, in which the narrator and/or editor details what occurred in the episode prior.

Druckmann said an editor was working on a “5-10 minute version” of this sort of recap. Unfortunately, he scrapped the idea for one specific reason: With The Last of Us being a PS3 title through and through, the visual fidelity would be jarring for people coming to the sequel. “[Having this thing be] outside of the story, outside of the game just didn’t feel like the right solution,” Druckmann concludes.

The exchange between Baker and Druckmann has other tidbits about The Last of Us 2 peppered throughout it as well. This includes a talk about the game’s length, which Druckmann explained is what it is because “we wanted to make it that long.” You can check out the full conversation in the video below.

Other information about The Last of Us Part 2 has also been divulged now that the game is out. We learned it originally had a much darker ending, how Naughty Dog recorded dogs and horses, and more.

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