5 Ways Elden Ring Reminds Us Of Winds Of Winter (And 5 It Doesn’t)

Elden Ring is a video game that we know pretty much nothing about, but we can make some assumptions. For example, it’s almost certainly going to be a video game. It will probably be playable on PS5. I reckon you can bet on it including a sword you can swing at enemies. Then there’s Winds of Winter, a book that will contain a plot that continues the A Song of Ice and Fire saga. Clearly, from the knowledge that is public about both of them, there are plenty of comparisons to make.

George R.R. Martin is the man that links these two properties together, as he decides the lore from which these stories and adventures will be grounded in. As such, we’re going to list off five ways in which Elden Ring reminds us of Winds of Winter, and five ways it does not. This is a very serious article, and definitely not SEO bait crossed with a joke.

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Five Ways Elden Ring And Winds Of Winter Are Similar

Neither is out yet

Neither Elden Ring nor Winds of Winter are currently available, and fans are not sure when they will be available – if ever. When I think of media I would like to see exist, I inevitably think of Elden Ring and Winds of Winter, which currently aren’t available to the public.

George R.R. Martin is writing some lore

George Rartin Rartin Martin is writing the entirety of Elden Ring’s lore. What that entails, I have no idea, though it almost certainly has people wearing suits of armour. Mr. Martin is also writing Winds of Winter – the whole book! It won’t include any pictures, though he will undoubtedly explain someone’s smock in needless, painstaking detail within.

People won’t stop talking about them despite there being no new info

Every day, I wake up, I log on to Twitter.com and I see video games fans freaking out about Elden Ring. Then I see normies debating Game of Thrones Season 8, and talking about if Winds of Winter will fix anything. I don’t know what any of it means, I just nod and tweet about Pokemon.

There are rings in the Game of Thrones universe, and some are old

In A Song of Ice and Fire’s universe exists House Roxton of the Rings. No member of the house has yet introduced themselves in the story. According to my extensive research on Wikipedia, they “blazon their arms with a saltire of interlocked golden rings”. Perhaps Winds of Winter will finally be the time we see those rings? We have no information on how elden the rings are, but we can assume: quite. Thus, tying into Elden Ring. It’s as good as a direct reference, at this point.

They may or may not have dragons

Hidetaka Miyazaki loves to throw dragons into his works, and so does George R.R. Martin. It’s a pretty good assumption that there will be dragons in Elden Ring, and therefore probably Winds of Winter. Unless dragons don’t like winter, for some reason. I haven’t actually looked up any lore for this bit. I’m still exhausted from Googling about rings.

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Five Ways Winds Of Winter And Elden Ring Are Different

They may or may not have dragons

Like I said above, Elden Ring might have dragons. It also might not, so I’m going to put this section here as well. Thanks.

Winds of Winter is not playable on PS5

While one of these pieces of entertainment will be displayed upon your modern TV, the other will come written in the pages of a book. It’s a bit like looking at a video game’s source code, but the data is immediately rendered by your mind – no console required! The downside to being a book is that Winds of Winter will not play on your PS5. I have tried to make my PS5 compatible with the book format, but it just has not worked out. And you all told me physical media was important for preservation. Liars.

Winds of Winter is made by one man, not a team of game developers

Ricky Martin, the legendary singer of Livin’ La Vida Loca, is a single man, and he sung that incredible song by himself, earning a laudable 343 million YouTube views since 2009. He must be proud of his father, George Martin, who is writing Winds of Winter all by himself. Hopefully people will actually be able to read it before the nuclear winter engulfs us all. Elden Ring, meanwhile, is being made by a large team of game developers in Japan.

Elden Ring (probably) will not contain incest

Okay there’s actually no guarantee for this one. Many people believe there’s some weird incest business at work with Lorian and Lothric in Dark Souls 3. And I’m just not willing to research that enough to find out the truth, honestly. It could be in Elden Ring. It might not be. It’s only Monday. It will definitely be in Winds of Winter. Incest, that is – not Elden Ring.

Different publishers

Winds of Winter is being published by Bantam Spectra. Elden Ring is being published by Bandai Namco. I can understand where the confusion may arise, but I assure you: they are different companies.

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