Create Games With Your Voice Inside the Anything World Beta

Creating videogames for virtual reality (VR) or non-VR purposes has never been a simple process but as the industry has grown so have the tools to smooth development. And this is where Anything World steps in, a new platform designed to help creators build 3D worlds using features such as voice commands, with an open beta now available.

Working in conjunction with Unity – Unreal Engine support is planned for the future – Anything World has several key features which should interest those building videogames, apps or other digital content. Integrating with 3D libraries such as Google Poly or Sketchfab, the cloud platform can pull these stationary assets in and then animate them automatically all by using your voice.

Using a combination of AI, natural language understanding and computer vision, Anything World’s custom machine learning can recognise a model, whether its a cat or a car and then animate it accordingly, you can even ask it to perform certain actions like carrying something or jumping. And because Anything.World already has access to over 500,000 3D models (and growing) there’s plenty of accessible content, reducing iteration times in the process.

This doesn’t simply apply to singular models as you can verbally request a whole zoo full of animals or squadron of planes. Anything World can also build environments for these to populate, all without the need to code.

Based in London, UK, Anything World was founded in 2018, holding a £500k GBP pre-seed round earlier this year which Warner Music’s Boost Fund was a part of. Since then the platform has garnered some major interest from companies such as Ubisoft, Facebook, Preloaded, Nexus Studios and more. The team is currently working with Ubisoft on an augmented reality (AR) app called Rabbids Playground powered by Anything World.

“I’m excited about the power that their technology allows within the immersive space – it creates exciting new opportunities for our artists to express their creativity and engage with their fans through 3D worlds and objects,” said Oana Ruxandra, EVP Business Development and Chief Digital Officer, Warner Music Group in a statement.

The Anything World beta is available to sign up to now, plus you can also request a demo. For further updates on the platform and how its aiding content creators, keep reading VRFocus.
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