Dainsleif Is Probably Going to Introduce A New Element To Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact typically includes upcoming five-star characters in the story for a little while before they finally get a banner and become playable. It happened with Childe, it happened with Xiao, and now it’s happening with Dainsleif. The Bough Keeper has been involved in the Teyvat storyline so far, and rather than just hinting that he’ll soon be playable, developer Mihoyo confirmed it in a recent news stream.

With that sorted, speculation has turned to what element Dainsleif will bring with him, and whether he’ll be worth pulling for at all. He has a mostly blue colour scheme, which would suggest either Cryo or Hydro, with the spiky aesthetic on his costume’s flourishes leaning towards Cryo. There’s just a little bit too much obfuscation around his element for me to believe it’ll be that straightforward, though. I think Dainsleif is going to introduce an all new element to the game.

Every character (apart from the Traveler themselves) has a Vision, which is like a little badge that lets people know you’re in the special magic club. The characters with fire powers have Pyro Visions, those with rock powers have Geo Visions, and so on. Dainsleif doesn’t appear to have any Vision whatsoever, which is why I think there’s something more unusual going on with him.

Your Traveler doesn’t have a Vision, but they also have a much more advanced command of the elements than anyone else in the game, with the ability to switch between different elements as you activate statues. Not every elemental power is available to you yet, but once every region is unlocked, it should be.

Speaking of regions, that’s another hint that Dainsleif’s element will be completely different to anyone else’s we’ve met so far. While the rest of the cast come from scattered areas around Genshin Impact’s large – if currently incomplete – map, Dainsleif is from a different region entirely. He hails from the land of the Time God, which makes me think that he won’t control ice, or water, or anything like that. My guess is he’ll be able to control time itself.

How will this work in a game like Genshin Impact, where you switch party members at will and can combine single player with online co-op? No idea! What do I look like, a game developer? Maybe he’ll be able to slow all the enemies in a given range down, or gain double speed. Maybe his powers will help the rest of the party have faster cooldowns, or get to use their powers for longer. Maybe there will be some strange, Prince Of Persia-style time reverse that can help you avoid being clobbered by bosses.

Since he doesn’t have a Vision, maybe he’ll play completely different to the rest of the crew. It might be that he gets something special if he can avoid taking damage for 20 seconds, or if he can get seven attacks inside ten seconds. I don’t really know how it works, but I do think it’ll be something to do with time.

This might all have been a waste of time (ayyy) and he’ll just have a Cryo Vision in his pocket, but that would be a bit rubbish. He might not even have powers at all, and he’ll just hit people with his sword or something. God, I really hope not.

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