It’s Time For Peach And Daisy To Date Already

If you thought we would give it a rest after the whole Sonic should be gay fiasco, think again. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it felt like the appropriate time to bring to light the LGBTQ+ shipping of two more classic gaming icons. This time we’re advocating for a royal match up between Princess Peach and Princess Daisy.

Complementary Personalities

Everything about these lovely ladies is complementary, from their fruity and floral namesakes to their warm and rosy color coordination. But well-matched names and dresses aren’t where the flattering juxtapositions end. Just as floral aromas complement fruity flavors, Princess Daisy balances out Princess Peach.

Peach has long since established herself as a classy lady, born to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, while Daisy brings some much-needed fun and grit to her royal throne in Sarasaland. With her soft charm and exquisite tastes, Peach would be the most doting girlfriend to Daisy, sparing no expense to make her lady comfortable after an active day.

On the flip-side of things, Daisy’s tomboyish personality is the perfect contrast to her ritzy princess counterpart. Daisy’s proclivity for the adventurous side of life coupled with her inclination towards digging up dirt in the name of paleontology would be very grounding for Peach.

If these two joined their kingdoms in holy matrimony, there wouldn’t be a force to oppose them in all the lands.

Damsels In Success

Peach and Daisy often pair up to form a strong team. The two lasses always have each other’s backs when their not-boyfriends bail on them.

Mario and Luigi are always running off to tackle one objective or another. In fact about the only time, the brothers are present is when the ladies are in mortal peril. On one such occasion after being rescued in Mario Super Sluggers’ challenge mode, Peach immediately asks about Daisy’s whereabouts. After the situation is made clear, it’s not Mario or Luigi, but Peach who insists on saving her.

Over the years, these sisters-in-arms have formed several lady-powered teams to take on the boys in various Mario Party titles, including Lordly Ladies, Damsels In Success, and Power Princesses. They’ve even opened a bakery together, called Peach & Daisy Royal Patisserie. If that doesn’t scream long-term commitment, it’s hard to say what does.

A Natural Chemistry

Whether as just friends or something more, it’s undeniable Peach and Daisy have natural chemistry with each other. They are always teaming up together and are often set as default partners in Mario Bros. spin-off games. What’s more, they actively seek out any opportunity to get their hands on each other, whether that be high-fives, hugging, hip bumps, or numerous other ambiguous displays of affection. During the ending cutscene in Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games, Daisy is even so forward as to hold onto Peach as they look at the trophy together.

Yes, Yes, we know women can be overtly affectionate when they are closely bonded with one another. But we propose that these physical displays, which are becoming ever more outright, suggest their longstanding friendship is growing into something more than team spirit and comradery.

It’s not a far stretch to believe something more has developed between the two royal ladies. There’s always an extra sparkle behind their stolen looks and friendly exchanges with one another, and quite simply, they’d make an adorable couple.

LGBTQ+ relationships are still grossly underrepresented in the gaming industry, an indiscretion that is imperative for us to rectify in order to quell the presence of bigotry and homophobia. This is a flagship opportunity The Super Mario franchise could seize if they decided to make this femslash ship canon. A royal marriage between Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Daisy of Sarasaland would blaze a trail of equality and set a true example coming from a powerhouse like Nintendo.

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