Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena Coming to PlayStation VR for Free

South Korean virtual reality (VR) developer SKonec Entertainment tends to focus mainly on the location-based entertainment (LBE) market in its home region. But it does occasionally dabble in the home market, most notably with arcade shooter Mortal Blitz a few years ago. Recently, it has been revealed the studio plans on releasing a multiplayer shooter called Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena for free on PlayStation VR in the coming months.

PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida made the announcement as part of the BitSummit Gaiden 2020 event which is all about indie developers. Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena will be a free to play experience coming to PlayStation VR in September with a beta released in August. What wasn’t clear was whether this info is purely for the Asian market or if it’s a global release.

Supporting a single-player mission-based mode as well as the core multiplayer which can have up to four players, Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena will include customizable weapons and items to pick up as well as Aim controller support.

In the multiplayer mode players have to teleport between platforms of varying heights to allow you an advantage over a lower positioned opponent. Light walls appear upon arrival to aid in defense but these can be destroyed with enough firepower.

In fact, VRFocus has played a previous incarnation of Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena during Gamescom 2019. SKonec Entertainment originally announced Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz as an LBE only experience back in 2018 before taking it to the Cologne-based event the following year.

While there are some graphical differences – this was running on a PC originally – the gameplay looks virtually identical. Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz was an enjoyable arena shooter and that was only with 2 players; with four VRFocus would imagine Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena is going to get seriously fast and frantic.

VRFocus has contacted SKonec Entertainment for further information regarding the launch of Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena and whether it’ll be global. When’s there’s further info to update you, we’ll let you know.
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