Shiny Drifloon in Pokemon GO: How to catch Shiny Drifloon, Drifblim this spooky Halloween

Pokemon GO Gen 4 launched last week and now a new wave of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region are spawning in the wild as part of the games new Halloween 2018 Event.

Following the latest update it now brings the total number of new Pokemon up to 31 brand new creatures for trainers to add to their Pokedex following the launch of Gen 4. So, plenty to go before we reach the 107 Pokemon originally found in the Diamond and Pearl games.

Following the Halloween announcement, Niantic told fans: “No tricks, all treats! #PokemonGOHalloween celebration starts now! Get outside, catch spooky Pokémon, and enjoy double Catch Candy!"

The best news of all, however, is that there's also two brand new Shiny Pokemon to capture too, in the form of Shiny Drifloon and its evolved form, Shiny Drifblim.

Keep reading for everything you need to know for catching this new shiny.

At the time of writing, it's believed that there is only one way to encounter a Shiny Drifloon in the game following the launch of the new Gen 4 Halloween event.

Equally, it's worth remembering that it's not possible to encounter a Shiny Drifblim in the wild either.

Also, this goes without saying but when you do find that Shiny Drifloon you will need 50 candy to evolve yourself a Shiny Drifblim.

Keep reading as we've broken down all of the potential ways you might be able to encounter a Shiny Drifloon moving forward.

Egg Hatches:

At the time of writing the egg hatches haven't changed since the launch of the Halloween event. And Drifblim is not currently available in eggs.

Raid Battles:

Although the Halloween event has introduced some new Raid bosses, Drifblin is not currently one of them. So that rules that option out.

In the Wild:

Drifblim is spawning quite frequently in the wild due to the increased rates from the Halloween event. However, to increase your chances of encountering a shiny, you want to go somewhere spawning as many Drifblim as possible.

We'd suggest that to boost your chances you should head over to the Silph Road Global Nest Atlas to find your nearest Drifblim nest, because obviously, the more you encounter, the higher your odds.

We might as well remind you about the new Halloween Field Research whilst you're here.

Do note, none of the below will help you with catching a Shiny Drifloon.

Quest: Evolve 3 Duskull or Shuppet for one Rare Candy

Quest: Catch 10 Ghost Pokémon for Sableye encounter

Quest: Catch 5 Dark Pokémon for 500 dust

Quest: Catch 5 Poochyena or Houndour for Sneasel encounter

Quest: Transfer 10 Pokémon for Misdreavus encounter

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