This Week’s Indie Game Releases (February 28-March 6)

It’s March. A month that, in general, the world at large has been dreading. After all, we’re all aware of the snowball of events that transpired around this time last year. But have no fear! The indie gaming scene is here to keep you (and your mind) occupied with some great titles releasing this week.

Here are our picks for this week in indie games, February 28-March 6.

Maquette – March 2 (PC, PS4, PS5)

Maquette kicks things off with its first-person puzzles and love story from developer Graceful Decay. Although the game didn’t leave a resounding impact in our review, Maquette certainly seems like a game for fans of its publisher, Annapurna Interactive. Maquette is available now on Steam, PS4, and PS5.

Sir Lovelot – March 3 (PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBX|S, Switch)

Sir Lovelot – from developer – features pixelated 2D platforming that sees the titular character on a quest to find the love of his life. Lovelot’s goal is to collect a selection of gifts to offer the next awaiting damsel in distress, all while avoiding treacherous hazards and battling dangerous creatures. Sir Lovelot is available now on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Seres X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Mail Mole – March 4 (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch)

Mail Mole – from developer Talpa Games – looks like one of the more impressive indie platformers that I’ve seen in a few weeks. Brimming with charm, vibrant colors, and fast-paced 3D platforming action, Mail Mole looks super fun as he travels to various locations and overcomes puzzles and obstacles while scooping up carrots along the way. Mail Mole is available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on March 4.

Duel on Board – March 4 (PC, Switch)

via Steam

Who doesn’t love a one-on-one dueling game? Duel on Board – from developer rebel rabbit – features one-vs-one battles where pirates fight for their precious ale while sailing the high seas. A throwback to local multiplayer games of yesteryear, Duel on Board can be played by two players on a single keyboard. Duel on Board is available March 4 on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Lion Quest Infinity – March 5 (PC)

Lion Quest Infinity – from developer Dracula’s Cave – is arguably the weirdest-looking indie game being released this week. Featuring odd aesthetics and out-there visuals, this one looks like one worth checking out merely out of sheer curiosity. Just take a look at the game’s Steam blurb:

“Jethro the Lion and friends steal a magic grandfather clock and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Are they here to save the universe, or is it simply a marketing ploy constructed as part of an elaborate book tour?”

What the hell does that even mean? Find out when Lion Quest Infinity launches on Steam on March 5.

Slime Fantasy: the search for the lost sword – March 4 (PC)

via Steam

Slime Fantasy: the search for the lost sword – from developer Super16bits – is another simple platformer releasing this week – 8-bit retro style, to be exact – featuring a small slime on a journey to find his lost sword so that he can use it to defend the slime kingdom. Slime Fantasy: the search for the lost sword will be available on Steam on March 4.

Loop Hero – March 4 (PC)

Loop Hero – from developer Four Quarters and publisher Devolver Digital – is a rogue-lite that puts you in the middle of a timeless loop that has created neverending chaos. Using cards, it’s up to you to “place enemies, buildings, and terrain along each unique expedition loop” for the hero who is trying to save the world. Stay tuned for our review of Loop Hero, which will launch on PC via Steam on March 4.

Everhood – March 4 (PC)

An unconventional RPG in a trippy, musical world, Everhood – from developers Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca – features rhythm game mechanics with “visceral visuals accompanied with magical music.” It’s best to go into Everhood with no expectations when it releases on Steam on March 4.

A few other indie games to check out includes a handful of titles that are in Early Access, or have already been released and are making their debut on other platforms:

  • 3 out of 10 (Port): Available March 3 on Nintendo Switch
  • Bang-On Balls: Chronicles (Early Access) – Available on March 3 on Steam
  • Hocus 2 (Port) – Available on March 3 on Steam
  • Wind Peaks (Port) – Available on March 3 on Nintendo Switch
  • Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition (Port) – Available on March 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S
  • Dungeon No Dungeon (Early Access) – Available on March 6 on Steam

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