We’ve Had Peter In The Black Suit, How About Miles Morales?

When it comes to the long list of things that people are eager to see in Spider-Man 2, a symbiote latching onto Peter Parker and giving him that all-black makeover seems to be wedged right at the top. That’s been done to death. Another rendition of the finger-snapping knuckle duster would be a drag, but Miles Morales hasn’t had his time to shine wearing the gooey outer-space parasite, so why not shift gears and slap it on him?

Based on Peter’s line about having tried black before and not wanting to again, it can be surmised that he succumbed to the symbiote once before already. Even in-universe, dealing with that same story would be a repeat. However, Miles Morales is the up-and-coming fresh-blooded hero with extra powers to boot, and if there’s one thing a symbiote loves, it’s power. It makes sense that, if any of our wall-crawlers are to get juiced up with an angry alien, it’d be him.

Spider-Man 2 will no doubt feature some dual-protagonist system akin to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and so it doesn’t have to be the case where it’s Peter who gets to have that gameplay loop, and he shouldn’t. Miles Morales going through that journey of trying to do good even in the face of overwhelming evil would be utterly captivating and shine a light on his strength of character and his resolve, something we’ve already seen time and time again with Peter. That was the best part of Miles’ standalone game, where he stood face-to-face with insurmountable odds, refusing to give in. If Insomniac really is going down the symbiote route, what better way than to hone that and give it a platform like never before?

The closest we’ve ever seen when it comes to Miles Morales and symbiote shenanigans was in Absolute Carnage when he got coated in the red sludge of a serial killer with ambitious goals of slaughtering the world over. But Venom is a huge part of his story, especially when he started out, and sure it was in the Ultimate universe where it was a lab-creation rather than an alien, but Venom’s impact on Miles’ life is something often left untold in so many stories since that inception of his character. His mother was killed in the crossfire between the police and Venom, and while she got brought back to life – because stakes aren’t a thing in the comic-book world – it was still a large part of his early years. Insomniac swapped that for his father, but cutting out Venom altogether and Miles’ rage toward him would be a lost opportunity and then some.

It’s fair enough changing his backstory. He’s had so many revamps and touch-ups that he’s become a whole new person, and he’s far better for it, but his origins were so inextricably connected to Venom that bringing him back in some shape would be the perfect way to elaborate on that starting point that Insomniac has cultivated.

What’s more, Miles Morales having the symbiote would shift the narrative entirely to focus on him. That’s not to say that Peter Parker would be completely sidelined and abandoned but rather that Peter’s own journey would be that burden he feels, the need to save those around him whether it’s Harry, his aunt, Mary Jane, Morales, etc. All the while, Miles shows Peter he’s a capable, competent hero able to fend off the worst that the world can hurl his way. He’s not the plucky kid who’s trying to fill the big shoes anymore, he’s got his own pair, and they’re perfect in their own right. The symbiote as a Miles-centric plot-point would only strengthen his journey whereas, with Peter, it’d be an age-old tale we’ve heard over and over again.

Even video games have touched on it after the comics have umpteenth times, the cartoons as well. Peter Parker fighting back against the symbiote is a dead horse Marvel keeps beating, but Insomniac can break the mold. At the very least, Miles’ suit with a black and white rendition and some slime to give it that slick living-being vibe would be jaw-droppingly eye-watering.

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