Prime Day 2020: Best Webcam Deals At Amazon For Streaming Games And Work

It’s been tough tracking down a decent webcam these days. With the increase in remote work and the amount of people relying on video calls to visit with family and friends, the best name-brand webcams remain in high-demand and often out of stock. If a webcam has been on your wishlist for a while and you don’t mind-lesser known brands, Amazon Prime Day is as good an opportunity as ever to grab one for a decent price.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best webcam deals during Amazon Prime Day this year, whether you need one for live streaming games, chatting with friends, work, and more. Check out our Amazon Prime Day deals hub for more as the sales continue through day two of the event.

Rofeer 1080P USB Webcam With Microphone

$14 (was $26)

Best budget option

This is one of the cheapest webcams available on Amazon—discounted nearly 50% off for Prime Day—that doesn’t sacrifice too many features for the price. You get 1080p, HD video quality, a built-in microphone with noise reduction, and it’s compatible with a wide range of operating systems. It’s USB-powered and doesn’t require any drivers or software to install, making it easy for even the least tech-savvy person to set up. This is great to get for a family member who wants to video call with you, but probably won’t be using a webcam for anything fancier than that. You also get what you pay for though. As one of the cheaper webcam options on Amazon, it may not be the highest quality or longest-lasting option.

Vitade 960A 1080P Conferencing Webcam With Microphone and Ring Light

$47 (was $70)

Best professional option

If you’re a professional looking for a higher-quality webcam option with more features than the average conference cam, the Vitade 960A is a good option. Its touch-activated ring light offers three adjustable brightness settings (plus an off mode) so you can look your best no matter where you’re broadcasting from. Other features include autofocus and light correction. A long cable makes it easy to set up wherever you need to, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in privacy shutter like some of the higher-end webcams, and its rounded design may make it difficult to install a custom one. If that’s not a concern, this is still a solid option for the price range. You can also grab an extra 5% off by selecting the coupon on its store page.

NexiGo Full HD Webcam With 360-Degree Swivel and Privacy Shutter

$40 (was $55)

Best home office option

This is an excellent price for a professional-grade HD webcam, especially when paired with some of its features: a built-in noise canceling microphone, a 360-degree swivel which allows for easy positioning, and a privacy shutter, which should give you peace of mind while you’re working.

Angetube 967 Full HD Webcam With Ring Light and Tripod Mount

$53 (was $66)

Ring light and tripod support

While the Angetube 967 doesn’t come with a tripod, its thread mount makes installing one super easy. Pair that with its adjustable ring light and autofocus options, and the Angetube is a solid option if you’re looking for something with extra features that’s still more affordable than high-end models from Logitech and Razer.

Spedal MF920 Pro Full HD Webcam With 120-Degree Field of View

$47 (was $63)

Best wide-angle lens

The Spedal MF920 Pro is a pretty reliable webcam all around: full HD 1080p picture, noise-canceling microphone, autofocus and low light correction, and easy setup meet the standards of its price point. What sets it apart from the other options on this list is its wide-angle lens. Offering a full 120-degree field of view, the Spedal MF920 Pro is an excellent option for capturing larger groups like a conference room or a family gathering. It can also swivel a full 360 degrees, making it even more versatile. Its white and grey color scheme (most webcams come in plain black) is a rare plus too.

ToLuLu HD Webcam With Adjustable Stand And Tripod

$24 (was $63)

Versatile for streaming and conferencing

This HD webcam from ToLuLu is versatile enough to be used for conferencing over Zoom or Skype, or for your gaming streams with its included stand and tripod. At 1080p resolution, you can expect high quality, and it has a 110-degree viewing angle, included microphone, and doesn’t require a driver.

These are by no means the best webcams you can buy for streaming, but webcam stock has been low in general and most of the highest-rated brand name options are sold out and on backorder. With Prime Day savings and bonus coupons combined though, these are some of the most popular and affordable options available right now. If you’re looking to save even more money, don’t forget to grab one of Amazon Prime Day’s best deals, which is basically free money with the purchase of a $40 gift card.

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