Steady is a Simple VR Movement Game That Plays Like Operation

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We love seeing unique takes on VR games and Steady certainly fits the bill. Launched last week, the game challenges you to move a ring along a path without touching the path or the increasingly difficult obstacles surrounding it.

For a game about a hoop and a line, Steady is oozing with slick style. It’s a deceptively simple game from indie VR studio Situated which reminds us of the board game ‘Operation’, or, even more so, those wire loop games you might have seen at a carnival.

The concept is straightforward: move the hoop along the line without touching it. But it wouldn’t be any fun if it were that easy. Across 50 levels, the game will challenge you to conquer twists, turns, cannons, and obstacles of all sorts.

Steady launched quietly last week on Oculus PC and SteamVR for the humble price of $5.

Unfortunately the game isn’t available on Quest yet, though it looks like a great fit given the game’s simplicity and the low friction nature of the headset. We’ve reached out to ask Situated if it has plans to bring the game to VR headsets beyond PC.

Steady isn’t the first VR experience from Situated. The studio also released the game Tiny Wheels in 2017 and the utility app Board VR in 2019.

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