'Yupitergrad' is a Wacky Soviet-Flavored Adventure with Spider-Man-style Locomotion – Road to VR

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Take one part Soviet retrofuture, add in the swinging locomotion scheme from Marvel’s Spider-Man, and dust it liberally with the cel-shaded visual style from Borderlands and you might just have Yupitergrad, an upcoming VR game that promises to let you swing through adventure, puzzles, and plenty of opportunity for self-deprecating slavic humor.

Yupitergrad puts you in the boots of a Soviet cosmonaut on their way to Jupiter base to test a new device, launch an experiment to produce fuel, and promptly return home. Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure if everything went smoothly.

Trapped in the hulking Jupiter base, you swing from the ceilings, navigating your way through over 50 levels using grappling hooks and boosters.

There’s still only a few scraps of information on the game’s Steam page, but there seems to be plenty of dangerous obstacles to get around, including spinning sharp thingys of various sizes and what appears to be poisonous gas. Oh, and if you’re wondering whether all of that might turn your stomach, the game is said to include comfort options too.

Yupitergrad is slated to arrive on Steam and Viveport sometime in Q3 2020, and is being developed by Poland-based indie studio Gamedust, the same minds behind Spuds Unearthed (2019).

A version for Oculus Quest and PSVR is said to follow after its initial release on PC.

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